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Equilibrium Relative Rates DIPA

ABV 8.1
Style DIPA
Source New York, NY
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Product Description

Relative rates it’s a continuation of our dC/dt line of beers, which explores how something changes relative to the rate of change of something else with the goal to understand and tune the process that give rise to our EQ juice.

Relative Rates uses a blend of modern hops and pours a hazy bright yellow. We get whiffs of tropical fruit, citrus, sweet tangerine, and weed on the nose. Its flavor is tropical fruit, big citrus, plenty of melon with an undercurrent of faint strawberry. The finish is resinous but starts off soft before the juicy undertones take the lead. Think warm breeze, bright sun and beach drinks made of OJ, Melon and Berry with our signature #EQJuice profile.